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Student Speech on Social Media: First Amendment Rights of Public K-12 and University Students - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellen Carlson
I can.
Michael Gehrke
Just a heads up to all the panelists, you can us the chat to communicate without attendees hearing
Michael Gehrke
You just have to select "All panelists"
Roxsanne Bochman
Hi, you don’t have to respond to this if it doesn’t apply.I’m wondering if you can speak to the issue of music played at sporting events during school events. Is it allowed purely based on the administration, hosting school, hosting school and guest school, both schools and the parents? I know of a situation where a high school band was playing the song “Centerfold” at a basketball game. Notice was given to never play that song again. Fast forward a few years and that song was being played at every game at that same school. We hear songs at half-time, etc. with much more ‘significant language’ so it seems that if all songs are allowed at these functions, shouldn’t they be required to allow any speech? Those songs contain more ‘F-bombs’ than what she wrote.
Paula Gilbeck
Our high school coaches have a mandatory “code of conduct” document all varsity members sign before season starts and social media is addressed in that document, keeping in mind you are a school ambassador and respecting coaches, teammates, etc. in order to manage any potential negative social media posting. It’s worked for our schools (public school) - is this approach legal?
Daniel Sinkovits
Someone can be fired from their job for that sort of thing. How is that different? Why?